Product Detail

Bosch continues its innovation and expands its wiper blade portfolio by providing wiper blades with a unique, special adapter that are hard to find in the market for your vehicle. Bosch Aero Twin set features a complete replacement set for your vehicle. 

Bosch OE Specialty AeroTwin

Bosch OE Specialty AeroTwin

The flat elegant high-tech spring strips on the AeroTwin replace the usual link and bracket configuration. Matched precisely to the curvature of the vehicle windshield. On the retrofit kits, the curvature of the spring has been calculated specifically to match the windshield of the vehicle.

The new style fastening mechanism with the quick-clip adapter allows the flat Aerotwin wiper to hook easily into normal wiper arms. Simply hook the wiper arm into the adapter, changing the wiper blade remains as easy ever.

  • Bosch Aerotwin specialty wiper with an OE design that fits selected Audi.
  • Asymmetrical wind spoiler for better windshield contact.
  • Blende dual rubber compound with graphite coating for a long time.
  • Patented beam technology for a uniform wipe.


  • Solid as pair.
  • Special coated as double rubber.


  • Not ideal for snow and ice weather condition.